Think Like A Drummer – Half Drag Ghost Notes

In the last video I showed you how to create ghost notes using single taps.  In this video I take it further by adding the half drag rudiment to the ghost note arsenal.

A few blogs ago I covered the half drag rudiment.  Here is a quick recap.

A half drag is two grace notes followed by a tap which is usually accented.  This means that a drag has a mathematical note value. A drag can be two 16th notes taps followed by an accented note, or two 32nd note taps followed by an accented note, etc.

In this example, instead of using the snare for the accented note, we will use the kick for the accented note.  This articulation can really spice up ghost notes and bring grooves a sense of movement.

To watch this video please use quality headphones or a treated room as some of the topics discussed are subtle.

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