Installation Questions/Issues (4)

Solution – Make sure to activate your ilok licence code through the ilok licence manager and then activate it to your ilok or computer.

You can learn how to do this by watching these videos https://www.ilok.com/#!resource/video

Solution – Yes, we support computer authorization. Only the ilok licence manager is needed. Go here to learn how to use it. https://www.ilok.com/#!resource/video

Solution – If you have any problems running this version of Accent after updating from an earlier version you should delete the Database file and restart Accent to rebuild the database.

On MacOS:

~/Library/Application Support/Platinum Samples/Accent/Databases (Delete the AccentLib.db file)

On Windows:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Platinum Samples\Accent\Databases (Delete the AccentLib.db file)

Once Accent is restarted, you’ll be prompted to install your libraries and MIDI Grooves.

Solution – Galaxy Drums is a large download. It is split into an archive. On OSX you must use http://www.kekaosx.com to extract the downloads and on Windows you must use http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Use of any other unzipping tool is not supported and will most likely say that it can not be unzipped or that the download is corrupt.

Make sure all downloads of the Galaxy Drums content are placed into the same folder before attempting to extract/unzip, then right click on Galaxy Drums Installer 001 and choose 7zip (or Keka) and extract. This will unzip all 7 parts into a single installer folder.

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