Think Like A Drummer – The Half Drag Rudiment

One of the biggest things I noticed when I started this journey is that a lot of drum libraries include an articulation called a “half drag” or a “ruff”.  These would sound good at some tempos and at others not so good. Since I did not “Think Like a Drummer” at that point, I had no idea what a drag articulation was and avoided it altogether.  

When you first start to think like a drummer you will start to notice things that are happening within the drum pattern.  The pattern within the pattern so to speak. The hi-hats for instance not only have a rhythm that gets played, but also a pattern of velocity.   

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Think Like A Drummer – The Single Stroke Four Rudiment

The single stroke rudiment is the most basic of all drum rudiments.  It consists purely of alternating hands playing the drum or drums.  It is most likely the first rudiment anyone who has ever taken drum lessons will learn.  They will usually learn it on a practice pad or snare drum first.

In this week’s blog we look at how to create a single stroke rudiment using a drum virtual instrument.  More specifically we will look at using the Single Stroke Four rudiment.

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